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Buffalo Award Winners

Origin of MVL's Buffalo Award -- MVL wanted an award that would honor our founder, our leader and CEO, Mr. Bill Morgan.  MVL wanted this prestigious award to be shown with pride and honor by our drivers who are privileged to earn it.  We all know Mr. Morgan's passion and respect for the buffalo but there are interesting parallels between Mr. Morgan, our drivers and the buffalo.

                       History has shown us how dependent the American Indians were                          on the buffalo for survival.  Wherever the buffalo went, the Indians                     followed. The buffalo is a very giving animal, it gave its life so the                         Indians  could live. In some respects, this is the same with Mr. Morgan

           and our drivers. 

        What is the Buffalo Award?  The Buffalo Award currently has 3 levels; 

        silver, gold and platinum.  Silver is presented to a driver that has earned 1 

       Million Safe Driving Miles.  Gold is presented to a driver that has earned 2

       Million Safe Driving Miles.  Platinum is presented to a driver that has                   earned 3 Million Safe Driving Miles.

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